“Pranafest 2024”

Excited to return to @pranafest_australia for my Sacred Soul Embodiment Journeys. Last year was pure magic – the community, workshops, music, and connections were beyond words. 

Join me for an unforgettable experience where we fuse breath, sound, movement, and dance to reset your nervous system. Through Quantum Flow activation, we align with our soul, embracing flow, abundance, and joy. Let us remember our divine essence, connecting with the earth and our souls, opening to infinite possibilities. 

Ignite your inner fire and radiate light from within as we embody our true selves. Join us on the path of inner mastery, balancing divine masculine and feminine energies. 

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, use this code to receive a little discount: JWUNDERFAM

I look forward to seeing you there ❤️

“Sacred Soul Embodiment and Shamanic Dreamwaves invite you to an Alchemical Journey of Sound, Movement and Breath.”

🍂 Dive deep into the alchemy of autumn at our transformative workshop! 🍁

Join us for an immersive experience where we harness the power of breath, movement, and sound healing to facilitate profound transformation within. Like the changing seasons, we’ll guide you through practices that embrace the essence of renewal and growth.
🌬️ Breathwork: Explore the transformative potential of your breath, tapping into its ability to release stagnant energy and invite in fresh inspiration.
🔮 Alchemy of Self: Engage in alchemical practices to transmute old patterns into new possibilities, just as the alchemist turns base metals into gold.
🎶 Sound Healing: Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound, allowing its frequencies to resonate through your being and facilitate inner harmony.
💃 Movement & Dance: Connect with the rhythms of nature through movement and dance, expressing the energy of transformation that flows within and around you.

In this workshop, we’ll create a sacred space where you can shed what no longer serves you, composting old ideas to nurture fertile ground for new growth. 

Together, we’ll embrace the silence, listen to the whispers of our souls, and dance into the fullness of our potential.

Your hosts:

Julia practices as a Health and Transformation Coach, Counsellor, Breath Medicine, Quantum flow and Quantum Healing Practitioner, and as a Yoga and Pilates instructor.  She supports individuals in developing greater confidence, trust, and clarity within themselves, fostering healthier habits and more loving relationships with themselves and others, and finding greater peace, love, joy and flow in their lives.  Her approach is playful, deep, intuitive, and potent, drawing on decades of experience and embodiment practices, including breath, dance, quantum flow, yoga, and energy work to assist you on a journey to self-mastery and personal transformation.  In this workshop, she will lead you through a breath and quantum flow journey to shed what no longer serves and to align with your true potential.

Wantungaa means speaking the language of the heart with grace, engaging in deep listening, and creating a sacred space where all can receive the blessing of shamanic dream wave activation with the Didgeridoo, ancestral song, and kangaroo drum dreaming.  Awaken your remembrance of your ancestral connection to Mother Earth.  Resonate with the frequency of peace and harmony, merged with the stillness of the Divine.  Join Wantungaa in an exploration of your voice through harmonic tones, feeling the unity and emergence as one.  Together, let’s create a landscape of harmonizing tones that blend into bliss and love.

We can't wait to share this special evening with you ❤️ xx

“Level Up: Day Workshops for Practitioners.”

Calling all practitioners, massage therapists, healers, facilitators, space holders, and those who want to level up their lives.
After facilitating numerous workshops for students of bodywork, I am super excited to share what I am most passionate about in a full-day workshop 💃
This will be a day of empowerment, leadership, activation, connecting with your inner wisdom, building confidence and trust in your gifts and inner guidance, and gaining clarity in your purpose. It will be a powerful, fun, playful, and nurturing day.

We will use Quantum Flow, movement, breath, voice activations, cacao, and dance to ignite the fire within and transmute limiting beliefs that may be stopping you from fully owning and sharing your gifts and your voice.

Can’t wait to level up with you 🔥❤️

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