Somatic Counselling

Through the art of asking powerful questions, profound introspection is facilitated, encouraging clients to explore their inner landscapes with curiosity and openness. Various modalities, such as hypnotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy, inner child healing, energy healing, and physical practices, are utilised, along with movement, breathwork, and sound therapy-based practices as powerful tools to support the counselling process and to help unlock the potential for self-discovery and personal growth.

During sessions, Julia holds a sacred and safe space where individuals can set intentions and dive deeply into overcoming internal blockages and non-serving subconscious patterns, as well as healing past traumas.

The outcome of these sessions is to experience a lighter, calmer, and more focused state, accompanied by a sense of empowerment and inspiration. Practical tools and tips are also provided to facilitate the integration of the healing experience into daily life.

Somatic Counselling offers a comprehensive approach to removing barriers, promoting well-being, and enabling individuals to live their lives to the fullest expression

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